Fameccanica Adult Diaper Machine-SM64

Adult diaper machine with underpad production from Fameccanica

Fameccanica Adult Diaper Machine-SM64

Fameccanica Adult Diaper Machine;

Type: Fameccanica YOC: 2003
Machine direction: left to right hand
For adult diapers and underpad products with fluff core.
Machine runs with fluff core and can produce either adult diapers (three folded).
Sizes : 3 sizes of the adult products.

Product Description;

– First Core : Discrete Core with SAP
– Backsheet : poly back sheet or pre-laminated textile back sheet
– Frontal Tape : On line glued
– Elastics : LycraÒ
– NonWoven Topsheet

– TAPE : standard 4 pcs
– Aquisition Layer : phased
– Leg gathers with 1 or 2 elastics Lycra

1. Pulp roll stand.
Unit designed to accept 4 cellulose rolls with a maximum width of 510 mm and a max. diameter of 1600 mm, rolls
shaft of 3”.

2. Cellulose moisturizer
Water sprayers placed on a structure connected to a mill; they ensure the right moisturization of the cellulose that is
fed to the mill.

3. Hammer-mill
The basic machine is equipped with a screenless hammer-mill, with single feeding system featuring:
Max Pulp in-feed width: 20 inches.

4. Drum forming section
N.2 rotary vacuum drum forms for discrete fluff pads with contoured sides and different density distribution
according to the product specification.
The main structure of the drum forming is composed by:
· Rigid structure in painted steel designed in order to avoid possible vibrations
· System for the intake of air/fluff mixture coming from the hammer mill exit.
· Kit of forming moulds for three sizes of adult diapers and three sizes of underpad product.
· Transport wheels, under vacuum.

5. SAP Applicator unit
This unit permits vaporisation of the SAP directly in the first and second drum forming main chamber through two
vaporising nozzles mixing with the fluff.

6. Pressing unit
This unit is able to press the core according to product request.

7. Conveyors belts with vacuum system
The conveyors belts which conveys the core from the transfer wheel up to the marriage point are completed with
the vacuum system.

8. Self Cleaning Filter
Filter self-cleaning, with rotating drum which complete with tubes, seals, etc. will be totally remade.

9. Poly or breathable unwinder and application section

10. Frontal Tape on line-glued material unwinder and application section

11. Lycra leg elastic unwinder and applicator section

12. Non Woven topsheet unwinder and applicator section

13. Standing leg gathers unwinders and applicator to be totally refurbished

14. Acquisition layer unwinder and applicator

15. Elastic Waist Applicator for Fluted Material
The unit is designed to apply FLUTED material in each end of the diaper. It consists of an unwinder unit for the raw
material, stretching disks unit with the aim of stretching the elastic before of being applied onto the back sheet with
the cut and place applicator.
A- Unwinding section
Unit composed with an unwinding section with of two WAIST BAND unwinding shafts one running while the other
one is in stand-by. Automatic guiding system installed.

· Support frame
· N. spindles.
· Max reel OD: 800 mm
· Max reel width: 190 mm
· Max reel weight : 180kg
· Core reel diameter: 3”
· N.1 web guiding system.

B- Waist Band applicator cut & place device
The unit is composed by stretching disks unit with the aim of stretching the elastic before of being applied onto
the back sheet with the cut and place applicator.
· Steel frame.
· Reel stand
· Vacuum roll (anvil)
· Knife roll
· Transfer vacuum roll.
· Stretching disks (minimum stretch 45 % , maximum stretch 85 %)
· Counter roll

C- Hot met equipment for Waist Band

16. Tape application system for 2+2 pieces
A rotating unit vacuum wheel type cuts the tape and applies it on the diaper edge.
The system can be totally remade and will be able to handle both tapes available on the market, i.e. traditional
adhesive one as well as hook & loop.
One motorised phaser allows adjustment of the position of tape tabs on the product.
One tape unwind stand (positioned 90° off line) holds four rolls of, two for each side, one operating and one in
· Reel outside diameter: 650 mm max.
· Reel inside diameter: 76.2 mm (3 inches).
· Max tape roll width: 75 mm.
A tape tab folding unit folds the two tape tabs by means of two folding plates.
Two rubber rolls press the folded tapes.
17. N. 2 Polythene or breathable contouring die units by Aichele
The units are composed by:
· Complete stand with transmission,
· Rotary die cutter,
· Anvil roll.
18. Longitudinal folding section

19. Final cut unit

20. Ejection system for defective products

21. Tri folding unit

22. Spare parts and size change

23. Glue system
Nordson Altablue application unit glue units (complete of tanks, heated hoses and application heads).
The Existing glue units for other applicators will be totally remade and renewed.
One new hot melt equipment for waist elastic.
– Intermittent gluing of elastics.

24. Quality control

25. Fans and piping

Fans for dust removal and trim suction, sack filters, piping of the whole line.

26. Electric supply
The electrical system is supplied complete with electric panel, for the control of the line.

27. Pneumatic system
Pneumatic components for the distribution of the compressed air complete with pipes, lubrificators and
dehumidifiers, electrically controlled valves.

28. Safety features

29. Horizontal stacker and automatic packaging machine
The horizontal stacker consists in a 90° twisting conveyor belt driven by an AC motor, an horizontal chain with
paddles (1 inch pitch) driven by a brushless motor, and one exit for diapers stacks:
· The stacker exit is configured for automatic bag-filling, and includes accessories for three stack
configuration (one for each size).
Stacker performances:
· Compression of diapers stacks (1st exit) by 20% of the space occupied in the stacker chain.
· Maximum open space for diapers expulsion on the exit: 1000 mm.
· Number of stacks per minute : 25 max.
· Number of diapers per stack : from 10 to 30 pcs.


Adult diaper machine with underpad production from Fameccanica

Adult diaper machine with underpad production from Fameccanica


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