Nuova Red Baby Diaper Machine with Low Waste Kit-SM50

Nuova Red Baby Diaper Machine

Nuova Red Baby Diaper Machine with Low Waste Kit-SM50

Nuova Red Baby Diaper Machine with Low Waste Kit;

BrandNuova Red
Manufacture year1988
Low waste Elastic Ear Unit Modification2010
StatusRunning Mode
Stacker&BaggerOptima LS4-OS5 Full Automatic Packaging Machine(optional)
Bagger cycle20-25 Cycle
Bagger pieces10 pieces to 42 pieces in row
Bag status optionDouble Stack in one bag
Bagger AutomationRockwell
Stacker AutomationFull Servo Control
Speed350 PPM for XL size
FilterRecycling Dust Filter
HotmeltMeltex Glue Tanks and applicators
Main Machine PLCLS
Modification on MachineInstallation of low waste kit
SAP UnitGravimetric
PE ControlPositioning Mark Control
Inline Lamination KitPE and Textile lamination
Quality Control for baggerBag sealing camera control and conveyor
End of Line ControlMetal Dedector
Spare PartsThermo Sealing spares for each type
Spare PartsLS main motor drivers-2 Pieces
Spare PartsConveyor belts,Cellulose cutting knife
UnwindersAutomatic splice PE
UnwindersAutomatic splice Textile
UnwindersAutomatic splice Leg Cuff
UnwindersAutomatic splice Topsheet
UnwindersAutomatic splice Core NW
UnwindersAutomatic splice Frontear
UnwindersAutomatic splice Backear
UnwindersAutomatic splice AQ layer
UnwindersAutomatic splice Frontal
UnwindersManuel splice Tape
UnwindersLeg Elastics
UnwindersCuff Elastics
UnwindersThermo Sealing Unit for Cuff
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Hassan Halawi

13/05/2020 at 6:20 am

Please i need the price


Ahmad Mohammadi

06/07/2020 at 2:10 am

How much does it cost?


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