Chiron Machining Center-SM8

Chiron Machining Center

Chiron Machining Center-SM8

Chiron DZ 18 WM Machining Center  completely refurbished pre-owned machine

Year of Construction:1998

Weight:6000 kg

Updated:Machine was refurbished by CMS in 2017

Machine-No: 442-03

Column moving machining centre with workpiece swivel table

Main spindle drive with 2 AC-motors

5,0 kW                                                       at 100%

9,5 kW                                                       at   25%

Spindle speed                                           20 – 10.500 rpm – 60 Nm

Drilling capacity in steel 60                  2 x ø 35 mm

Tapping capacity                                     2 x M 22

Milling capacity in steel 60                   2 x 150 cm³/min.


X-axis                                                       400 mm

Y-axis                                                       400 mm

Z-axis                                                       630 mm with adjustable tool change level

Spindle dist. X-Axis                              320 mm

Automatic tool changer

Tool places                                             2 x 12

Tool shaft                                               HSK- A63 DIN 69893

Tool-Æ                                                   max. 65 mm

Tool-Æ                                                   if adjacent places are free max. 180 mm

Tool weight                                           max. 4,0 kg (8,0 kg on 2 places per spindle)

Tool change time approx.                  0,9 s (depends on CNC)

Chip-to-chip-time approx.                2,4 s (depends on CNC)

Workpiece swivel table 0/180 degrees with centre divider

Clamping surface 2 x 850 x 470 mm2
with thread and locating hole grids

M 16 x Æ 15 H7 x 50 mm

Tool change time approx. 4,0 s

Table loading capacity per side max. 250 kg (400 kg)

AC-servo-motors, Feed drives for X-, Y- and Z-axis

Indirect absolute path measuring system

Rapid traverse 30 m/min

 ADI 4

Analogue drive and motors remain

Chiron Machining Center-SIEMENS CNC-control 840D Solution Line

(PCU 50 / NCU 720.3, 10 measuring circuits, 1 channel)

incl. 10,4″ TFT colour LCD screen / full keyboard OP010S

operator panel logic, Windows XP

NC-memory 3 MB Standard

(max.200 programmes storage capacity)

Chip conveyer (scratch band)

Discharge height 1050 mm with coolant equipment

tank capacity 500 ltr.,

pump capacity 200 ltr/min at 1,3 bar

pump capacity 20 ltr/min at 20 bar

high pressure circuit with coolant filtration via

paperbondfilter PF50 and twinfilter incl. bed flushing system

Hydraulic connection for 210 bar

with rotation distributor 6-fold and

4 connecting couplings for hydraulic,

2 connecting couplings for pneumatic

Hydraulic unit


pressure: 210 bar

supply capacity: 6 l/min.

incl. valves for supply of 2 clamping devices

and 2 pressure switches for clamping control


for clamping ON – OFF, instead of button in operating panel

Rigid tapping

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