CNC Machining Center-SM4

CNC milling machine

CNC Machining Center-SM4

Koutai Machining Corp. CNC Machining Center EPPSI – NC1100
Specifications Unit: MM
Table overall size 1270×640
Working area 1270×640
T-slots (width/No/pitch) 18x5x125
Table Max. loading 1200 KG
X/Y/Z travel 1100/610/610
Spindle to column ways 660
Spindle to table top 100-710
Floor to table surface 895
Spindle taper 40
Spindle speed 15000
Spindle Motor 7.5KW/11 (11/15)KW
X/Y/Z Cutting feedrate 1-8000MM/MIN
X/Y/Z Rapid traverse 24(30)/24(30)/20(24)
Type of atc /no.of tools ARMLESS
Max. tool(dia / length) 106/300
Max. tool weight 7
Tool to tool /chip to chip 6/12
Dia x pitch (x.y.z.axis) 40×12
Precision class C3 0.008
Machine weight 7300KGS
Power requirement 25KVA
Pneumatic required 7 KG/CM2


Standard Accessories:
1. Full splash guard
2. Pre-extensioned ballscrew
3. Spindle oil cooler system
4. Auto lubrication
5. Working lamp & alarm light
6. Heat exchanger on elec. cabinet
7. Levelling pads & bolts
8. Adjusting tools & box
9. Screw type chip conveyor & bucket

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