Double Column Milling Machines

Forest Line Double Column Milling Machines, used machining centers

Double Column Milling Machines

Double Column Gantry Type Milling Machines ;

SM45 Double Column Milling-Gantry Type Forest Line Seramill 200 G 2001 6000 2600 1000
SM65 Double Column Milling-Gantry Type Huron KX 45 five 2008 3300 1440 800

Chiron, Hermle, Heller, Stama, SW, DMG, Makino, Mazak, Scharmann, Giddings, WaldrichSiegen, Starrag Heckert, Grob, Brother, Kiwa, Mitsubishi, Yam, Kondia, Norte, Forest Line, Mori-Seiki, Gildemeister, Max Mueller, WFL, Scherer, Tornos, Walter, Dürr, Huron brands that we have in our stock.

Second hand machinery is always at the heart of cost saving strategy for big and relatively small companies.

All geometric checks are completed by our technical team during installation process.

Modification of your old machines also can be provided by our team based on your demands.

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