Phoenix Feminine Sanitary Napkin Machine

Phoenix Feminine Sanitary Napkin Machine-LNF1000

Phoenix Feminine Sanitary Napkin Machine

Feminine Sanitary Napkin LNF-1000

Main Technical Data

Production Speed Up to 1000 pcs/min

Production Linear Speed 280 m/min max

Efficiency 85-90%

Product Width (min-max) 70-115 mm w/o wings,

up to 165 including wings

Product Length (min-max) 180-320 mm

Required Air Pressure 6 bar

Noise Lower than 90 dBa

Basic Machine Features

• Top sheet with NW side barriers

• Fluff core with short ADL layer

• Core anatomic shaped according to customer design

• Core embossing according to customer design

• Back sheet

• Release tape glued on line

• Edge sealing & contour cut out according to customer design

• Wing tape glued on line

Optional Machine Features

• Thermo sealing for three pieces top sheet

• Videojet printing on ADL

• Individual easy wrap fold

• Pouch tape

• Bypass for straight product

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