Phoenix Baby Diaper Machine

Phoenix Baby Diaper Machines

Phoenix Baby Diaper Machine

Main Technical Data

Production speed Up to 600 pcs/min

Production linear speed 300 m/min−max

Efficiency 85-90%

Product width (min−max) 250-380 mm

Product length (min−max) 370-600 mm

Required air pressure 6 bars

Required air flow Approx. 6,000 Nl/min

Noise Lower than, 85 dBA

Basic Machine Features

Full servo technology

Electronic job change

High quality multi-zone forming system with 2D/3D core design

SAP/fluff ratio up to 50/50

Core wrapping

Stand alone unwinders

Automatic splicing units “ZERO SPEED”

Tension control via load cells

Automatic web guiding systems

Full feature product (ADL, waist band, back sheet lamination

& frontal tape)

Long life carbide die cutters

User-friendly HMI panel

Bi-folding system

Advanced QCS system

Safety measures conforming to “CE” standards

Optional Machine Features

Low waste side panels application

Front ears application

QCS vision system

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