CB Bagger and Stacker-SM73

CB Bagger and Stacker

CB Bagger and Stacker-SM73

Production Year2012
Stacker BrandCB Packaging GroupTriangolar horizontal single exit stacker model CBHT
Bagger BrandCB Packaging Group Fully automatic packaging machine CB Michelangelo
Bagger for Product ofAdult Diapers
Stacker Up to 250 Products per minute
Bagger30 Packages per minute(depending on bag configuration)
Pre-Compression Group: 
Max inlet product width (max distance between plates)1150 mm
Minimum distance between plates100 mm
Compression force3500 N
Format ChangeAutomatic through touch screen panel
DriveServo Driven
High Compression Group(Servo Driven): 
Max inlet product width650 mm
Max product length600 mm (double row)
Max product height250 mm
Stroke250 mm each plate
Compression force:30000 N
Format ChangeAutomatic through touch screen panel
DriveServo Driven
Welding Bars: 
Quick changeover design 
Patented Teflon coated system for longer life 
Impulse bar heating system 
Temperature electronically controlled 
Format changeBars stroke adjustable through touch screen panel ( in case of product with different height)
DriveServo Driven
Anti-Jam protectionBetween bars pressure control through pneumatic cylinder ( in case of over-pressure, bars immediately open)
Opening range0-250 mm
Maximum sealing width450 mm
CB Bagger and Stacker
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