GDM Sanitary Napkin Machine-SM72

GDM Sanitary Napkin Machine

GDM Sanitary Napkin Machine-SM72

Manufactured Year 
Main Machine Control PLCSiemens 115U
Main Machine Control CPUSiemens 945U
Electrical and Electronical ComponentsK&M
Main Motor-Servomotor TypeSiemens
AC Servo MotorsSiemens
AC MotorsABB
MMI-Main Machine InterfaceSiemens OP25
Automatic ControlsWeb Alarms,auto splicing sequence and reject
Hotmelt Glue Machine BrandNordson
Production Sizes225 mm without wings and with wings/268 mm with wings
Hammermill capacityFixed hammers rotor.500 kg/hour
Recycling FilterIt is not included the contract.
Web guidersFife
Speed (ppm)600 Piece Per Minute
Automatic StackerHorizontal Stacker
Automatic BaggerAmotek PB-142
Product StructureFluff core
GDM Sanitary Napkin Machine

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