Fameccanica Sanitary Napkin Machine-SM6

Fameccanica Sanitary Napkin Machine-SM6

Fameccanica sanitary napkin machine ;

Line HP
Manufacturing Year 2003
Manufacturer Fammeccanica
Converter Winged hygienic pad.(with airlaid)
Stacker & Bagger Vire +ROR+CAR
Status Currently operating
Sizes wiht winged Ultra normal,ultra süper,ultra nıght
Speed  ppm   (normal size ) (1*10 :600 ppm )***(2*10: 650ppm )*** (1*20: 700ppm)***(2*20:700ppm )
Speed ppm  ( super size ) (1*8: 550 ppm)***(2*8: 650 ppm )***(1*16 :700ppm )***(2*16:700ppm)
Speed ppm  ( night  size ) (1*7: 500ppm)***(2*7: 600 ppm )***(1*14 :650 ppm)***(2*14: 700 ppm)
Filter fammeccanica
Hotmelt Nordson Meltex
Machine softwear Siemens PLC/HMI PROGRAM S7-400/MP270B
Fam Elec.Systems Micro Master
VİRE-ROR+CAR-F Car softwear


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