Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine-SM3

Fameccanica baby diaper machine

Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine-SM3

Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine ;

Line SM3
Manufactured Year 2003
Converter Fameccanica, with side cutter (Not I Shape)
Stacker & Bagger CPW
Bundling Machine Gevas
Status Not operational, needs maintenance
Sizes with  side notch Midi, Maxi,Junior
Speed (ppm) Midi, Maxi,500ppm- Junior 450ppm
Filter Osprey
Hotmelt Nordson meltex
Cooling sistem Corema
Fam plc type Siemens S7400
Fam  electrical system SERVO REXROTH PPC KONTROL
Stacker electrical systems Vire pc computer
Cp-w packaging  electrical system Siemens s7 300
Gevas electrical system ALLENBRADLEY RS LOGICS 5000
SAP-Pulp amount for machine Sap min : 5gr-max 15 gr
Pulp min: 5gr-max 15 gr
Modifications on the machine: *Revision on back tape system
*Elastics unwinding revision

Don’t hesitate to contact for further information: oguldali@dantechs.net

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