Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine-SM2

Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine

Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine-SM2

Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine;

Line SM2
Manufactured Year 2003
Converter Fameccanica, with side cutter (Not I Shape)
Stacker & Bagger CPW
Bundling Machine Gevas
Status Currently operating
Sizes with  side notch Newborn, Mini, Midi
Speed (ppm) newborn,mini,midi,500 ppm
Filter Osprey
Hotmelt Nordson meltex
Cooling sistem Corema
Fam plc type Siemens S7400
Fam  electrical system SERVO REXROTH PPC KONTROL
Stacker electrical systems Vire pc computer
Cp-w packaging  electrical system Siemens s7 300
Gevas electrical system ALLENBRADLEY RS LOGICS 5000
SAP-Pulp amount for machine Sap min : 5gr-max 15 gr
Pulp min: 5gr-max 15 gr
Modifications on the machine: *Revision on back tape system
*Change of inverter of main motor
*Elastics unwinding revision

Don’t hesitate to contact for detailed information: oguldali@dantechs.net

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Faisal Shaaban

31/12/2019 at 9:59 am

What about the SM2 baby diaper machine from Fameccanica
Is still available


Hassan Halawi

13/05/2020 at 6:22 am

Please i need the price


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