Hygiene Machines

Used Baby diaper machine

Hygiene Machines

Used baby diaper machine, adult diaper and sanitary napkin lines,automatic baggers, stackers in our inventory;

Ref. Machine Type Year
SM83 Hanwei T-Shape Baby Diaper Machine 2014
SM82 GDM Classical Baby Diaper Machine 2002
SM81 Fameccanica Training Pants Machine 2004
SM80 Diatec Fluffy Lady Napkin Machine 2000
SM79 GDM T Shape Baby Diaper Machine 2006
SM77 GDM Bagger 2013
SM76 Tekma Fluffy Sanitary Napkin Machine 1998
SM75 Optima Bagger and Stacker 1998
SM74 Hes Baby Diaper Machine 2009
SM73 CB Bagger and Stacker 2012
SM72 GDM Sanitary Napkin Machine-Fluff
SM69 Viola Adult Diaper Machine 1998
SM64 Fameccanica Adult Diaper-Underpad Machine 2003
SM50 Nuova Red Baby Diaper Machine with Low Waste Kit 1988
SM9 Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine with Zero Waste Kit 2003
SM6 Fameccanica Sanitary Napkin Machine-Ultra 2003
SM3 Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine-Classical Type 2003
SM2 Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine-Classical Type 2003

Most of companies producing for disposable hygiene sector have been using second hand machines or equipments;

-Baby diaper machines

-Adult diaper machines

-Sanitary pad machines

-Wet wipe machines


-Automatic baggers

-Bundling machines

Hygiene Machines in our inventory will be installed by our technical team due to agreements.

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