Hygiene Machines

Used Baby diaper machine

Hygiene Machines

Used baby diaper machine, adult diaper and sanitary napkin lines,automatic baggers, stackers in our inventory;

Ref. Machine Type Year
SM90 GDM Classical Baby Diaper Machine-SM90 1998
SM89 Fameccanica Combo Baby Diaper Machine 2011
SM88 Kimberly Clark T-Shape Baby Diaper Machine
SM84 Fameccanica T-Shape Baby Diaper Machine-SOLD 2003
SM83 Hanwei T-Shape Baby Diaper Machine 2014
SM82 GDM Classical Baby Diaper Machine-SOLD 2002
SM81 Fameccanica Training Pants Machine-SOLD 2004
SM80 Diatec Fluffy Lady Napkin Machine-SOLD 2000
SM79 GDM T Shape Baby Diaper Machine-SOLD 2006
SM77 GDM Bagger-SOLD 2013
SM76 Tekma Fluffy Sanitary Napkin Machine-SOLD 1998
SM75 Optima Bagger and Stacker-SOLD 1998
SM74 Hes Baby Diaper Machine 2009
SM73 CB Bagger and Stacker-SOLD 2012
SM72 GDM Sanitary Napkin Machine-Fluff
SM69 Viola Adult Diaper Machine-SOLD 1998
SM6 Fameccanica Sanitary Napkin Machine-Ultra 2003
SM3 Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine-Classical Type 2003
SM2 Fameccanica Baby Diaper Machine-Classical Type 2003

Most of companies producing for disposable hygiene sector have been using second hand machines or equipments;

-Baby diaper machines

-Adult diaper machines

-Sanitary pad machines

-Wet wipe machines


-Automatic baggers

-Bundling machines

Hygiene Machines in our inventory will be installed by our technical team due to agreements.

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